Livery Building

Ludwig Hirsch established his livery business in 1871 and built the Livery Building primarily as an auction house for horses and livestock in town.  At the time, the building was known for two, full-height wooden doors emblazoned with horse silhouettes and became an easily identifiable landmark in downtown Harrisonburg  The National Register of Historic Places notes that the two-story Victorian building had feed and hitch stables for  a capacity of 300 animals.

Matchbox has undertaken the task of renovating this historic piece of downtown beginning with ground floor commercial units (currently leased to Bella Lune Wood Fired Pizza and Shabby Love Furniture) and continuing with eleven residential units on the building’s second floor and one unit on the ground floor.

By renovating the Livery building, Matchbox hopes to yet again add another new destination for visitors and locals alike in downtown Harrisonburg.  Our goal is to preserve the character of the building while simultaneously modernizing the installation to reflect spaces that people want to visit and live in.  Older buildings have their charm, but without modern improvements it can easily become a love/hate relationship.  Our goal is to preserve the aesthetic and feel of a previous era while maintaining functionality for years to come.

For updates on the Livery building, please continue to check Matchbox Downtown.

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