Harrisonburg International CommUNITY Celebration begins next week!

From an outsider’s perspective, Harrisonburg may not seem to be the most diverse place in the world.   But after living here, you soon realize the breadth of cultural diversity that shapes the lives of Harrisonburg residents.   This diversity is reflected everywhere from restaurants to churches to art, and makes Harrisonburg what it is today.

Beginning Monday, September 22nd running through Sunday October 5th Harrisonburg will celebrate its international community through a series of events kicking off with JMU International Week, featuring the Explore More Museum’s: One World Exhibit and closing the Latino Film Festival at Court Square Theater.


You can see a full list of events here.

Downtown Harrisonburg named Great American Main Street (Video)

Downtown Harrisonburg has been named a Great American Main Street in 2014! Check out the video above to see all of the awesome Downtown Harrisonburg has to offer. Also, make sure to notice how Matchbox’s Livery building, Urban Exchange, Walton Hotel, Wine Bros. building, and Ice House all get a shoutout!

Matchbox in Motion: Episode 2

After months of hype and critical acclaim, Matchbox in Motion is back with Episode 2!

In this episode, Mike and Michael go through tenant and space updates for the new and improved Cassco Ice House along with explaining CAM fees that often appear on commercial leases. So huddle round the fire, and put on the greatest five minutes in media today.

Urban Exchange East Market St. Harrisonburg

What’s Happening at Urban Exchange

You may have driven by Urban Exchange recently and said to yourself, “My, that Urban Exchange is certainly active these days.   What is going on over there?!?”  Well, that’s why you read this blog.  In the next few weeks, Three Notch’d Brewery out of Charlottesville will open a location here in Harrisonburg at the Urban Exchange.  Three Notch’d will brew and sell beer exclusive to their Harrisonburg location that will not be sold anywhere else.  How exciting!

Three Notched Brewing at Urban Exchange Downtown Harrisonburg

Three Notched Brewing at Urban Exchange Downtown Harrisonburg

Simultaneously, you may have noticed that Benny Sorrentino’s has opened on the other side of Urban Exchange.   Benny’s has done incredibly well since opening their doors just two months ago by providing a laid back and accessible atmosphere for families and students alike.  We hope you all have enjoyed it as much as we have.   Side note, did you ever wonder how they got that beautiful mural on their wall?   Check out the awesome video below to find out.

BMBPRF @ Benny Sorrentino’s from Paul Somers on Vimeo.

Reel Change Festival at Court Square Theater

Court Square Theater is hosting the Reel Change Festival this week and weekend to promote 2013 documentary films throughout the world that directly impacted social consciousness and political action throughout the world.   The event covers five movies in total and also features two, 90-second short film contests on Saturday night from 5:30pm – 7:30pm.   One film in particular, The Act of Killing, received worldwide acclaim and a 2013 Academy award nomination for its depiction of former Indonesian death squad members retelling and recreating the region’s communist purge from 1965-1966.

Admission to the event is FREE and movies will be followed by a panel discussion for those that are interested in delving further into the each movie’s ethos.  For more information on the Reel Change Festival, please visit their website.

St. Patrick’s Day After Party at 3 Brothers

I hope our loyal readership is enjoying a day off during this rare St. Patrick’s / snow day.   What luck, right?!?  Anyways, I wanted to make you aware of a fantastic event at 3 Brothers on the day AFTER St. Patrick’s Day (Tuesday, March 18th).   You Made It! will be combining their talents with 3 Brothers to bring art to the brewery where patrons can paint their own stein glass and enjoy $2 beers!

That’s right, you get to paint your very own steal the pint night for only $15 AND you get to purchase the delicious beers of 3 Brothers for only $2.   What a deal!

Get Crafty with You Made It!


Joan Clasbey, co-owner of You Made It!, talks to Matchbox Downtown about what makes her business so special (hint: it’s all about the magic of creation) while discussing upcoming events around town.  You Made It! provides amazing value to the community by not only enhancing the skills people already have, but also encouraging first time artists to unlock skills they never knew existed.

Here at Matchbox, we are thrilled to have You Made It! as a tenant and look forward to continuing to support their business for many years to come!  Make sure to check out their calendar for upcoming events and camps going forward.

Shabby Love at the Livery Building

Shabby Love (80 West Water Street) owner Hanna Kappes talks about her new showroom in Harrisonburg featuring reclaimed, refurbished, and re-purposed furniture from across the United States.  Hanna has made an impression as an artist by breathing new life into vintage and handmade items that can be used as functional furniture pieces for many years to come.  Her work has been recognized as both transformative and inspiring.

For more information, please visit Shabby Love where you can find more on their story, items for sale, and store locations/hours.


Matchbox In Motion: Over the Moon


Ren Blackwell and Anne Callie Skillman discuss their new store Over the Moon and its impact on Downtown Harrisonburg

Over the Moon (64 South Mason Street) is a “baby and maternity boutique” located in Downtown Harrisonburg.  The store caters to parents who not only want to provide their children with the best products available, but also want items that are hand selected and tested by professionals with experience in child care.  The owners of Over the Moon succeed in their hands-on approach by hand selecting products that they know and love.

Another unique aspect of Over the Moon is its integration within the community by leading instructional classes for new parents to help navigate the many mysteries of child rearing.  Previous sessions have covered everything from cloth diapering to making your own baby food.

Please visit Over the Moon for additional information and store hours.  Also, continue to follow Matchbox Downtown for promotions and coupons throughout the year!

A Foodie’s Guide to Harrisonburg


Local businesses throughout Harrisonburg have experienced tremendous growth and success throughout the past decade and no industry has reflected that growth quite like the restaurant industry.  Downtown Harrisonburg in particular has become a beacon for food lovers and restaurant owners by offering a wide variety of cuisines across 20 different restaurants, all within walking distance of one another.

In response to this growth and the demand to know more about Harrisonburg, the city has created www.visitharrisonburgva.com as a way for people to learn more about the city and get excited about the Valley as a whole.  This video perfectly encapsulates the variety and breadth of Harrisonburg’s food scene and is highly recommended viewing for anyone looking to understand why people are so thrilled to be a part of Harrisonburg and downtown in particular.

The Official Visitor’s Guide to the city of Harrisonburg is now available!

Matchbox In Motion: Bella Luna Wood-Fired Pizza

An Interview with Wade Luhn, owner of Bella Luna Wood Fired Pizza

Wade Luhn, from Harrisonburg’s newest downtown restaurant Bella Luna, talks to Matchbox Downtown about the growth of Downtown Harrisonburg, the importance of local ingredients, and the art of making fantastic pizza.

Bella Luna is only a few days away from opening in the Livery Building (80 Water Street, Harrisonburg, VA).  Please continue to follow Matchbox Downtown for more updates.