Your guide to watching the World Cup in Downtown Harrisonburg


World Cup

World Cup

The World Cup is a big deal.   It’s not like they call it the Carolina Cup or the North American Bowl, no no, this is the WORLD CUP.   You have to prepare for an event of this magnitude accordingly.  So who will be showing the beautiful game here in Downtown Harrisonburg over the next 30 days?   Here’s a quick list of where to go:

Bella Luna Wood Fired Pizza (80 West Water Street): Bella Luna is not known as a sports bar, but they have a great bar area and a big ol’ TV to take in the games.   Plus, they have $5 happy hour pizzas from 3:00pm – 5:30pm each day!   Visiting this place seems like a no brainer.

Billy Jack’s Wing & Draft Shack (92 South Main Street): Billy Jack’s is probably your go to sports bar in Downtown, but did you know the bar has a rich soccer tradition?   Owner Aaron Ludwig has a deep love for the game (hence the Premier League showings on Sundays during brunch), and I have feeling the World Cup will be a celebration of all things fútbol.

Capital Ale House (41 Court Square): Do you want like lots of TVs and lots of space to move and lots of different kinds of beer to drink?   You do?   Well this is a place that has all those things, plus a revitalized food menu that can help you hang in there for the long haul.

Blue Nile (181 North Main Street): Blue Nile recently added a large flat screen to their bar area and something tells me the dial will be permanently fixed on the World Cup over the next month.   Come for the Dark & Stormy happy hour special ($4 on Wednesdays) and stay for the Grilled Cheese Gouda sandwich with peanut soup (unreal).

El Sol (91 East Elizabeth Street): El Sol has soccer on the television every day.   Seriously, if you go in there for a lunch on a Tuesday in February they are showing a local farm team in Uruguay.   And the patrons are glued to the action on their lone 37” TV!    Bottom line: if you are looking for the passion and camaraderie that makes World Cup soccer must see TV, this is the best place in town to catch the action.

A full list of the World Cup TV schedule can be found here.

136 W Elizabeth St. Redevelopment Project

New Matchbox Project on the Horizon

Matchbox is excited to announce a new project for 2015, the renovation of 136 West Elizabeth Street. 136 West Elizabeth features 18,000+ square feet of one of a kind space near the heart of Downtown Harrisonburg. Located just behind the iconic Hess Furniture building, this project will involve an extensive renovation element as well as a complete aesthetic makeover while installing functioning electrical and plumbing to make the space useful within the modern context.

136 W Elizabeth St. Harrisonburg, Va

136 W Elizabeth St. Harrisonburg, Va

The property sits on a great piece of land just west of Liberty Street with full views of downtown and ample green space surrounding the building structure. Here at Matchbox, we think the space would be best used as a commercial space either holding one large company or several small companies along with a retail/restaurant element. The beauty of this project is that we are able to create unique spaces that fit the exact needs of our clients rather than trying to fit clients within pre-existing build-outs.

For more information on 136 West Elizabeth, please contact Michael Jaffee at 540.208.0723 or by email at

136 W Elizabeth St. Harrisonburg, Va

136 W Elizabeth St. Harrisonburg, Va

136 W Elizabeth St. Harrisonburg, Va

136 W Elizabeth St. Harrisonburg, Va

136 W Elizabeth St. Harrisonburg, Va

136 W Elizabeth St. Harrisonburg, Va


136 W Elizabeth St. Harrisonburg, Va

136 W Elizabeth St. Harrisonburg, Va

Downtown Harrisonburg Virginia Courthouse

Harrisonburg’s Growth Continues

According to Nerd Wallet, Harrisonburg currently ranks as the fastest growing city in Virginia beating out surrounding cities such as Charlottesville, Staunton and Blacksburg to snag the top overall ranking.   Harrisonburg’s staggering growth is linked to its 32.1% median income growth between 2009 and 2012 according to Nerd Wallet’s Maggie Clark.   I always knew something was going on in this town, so it’s a relief to see it backed up by empirical data.

Nerd Wallet’s rankings were based on three contributing factors: population growth, employment growth, and income growth with each category weighed equally.   For a full list of Nerd Wallet’s rankings, please visit their website and read the article here.

Downtown Harrisonburg

Harrisonburg Metro population on the rise!

To the surprise of no one, Harrisonburg’s metro population is growing! We are now at over 129,000 strong according to the Daily News-Record and growing more and more each year. With all of the exciting new venues and businesses that Downtown Harrisonburg has to offer, who would not want to live here? In that vein, did you know that the Ice House’s 34 residential apartments will soon be up for rent? That’s an opportunity for 34 more households to enjoy all of the things we downtown folk hold so dear. If you are interested in snagging a cool crib, contact Mary Messerley at 540-434-5150 x131 or

So come one, come all, and let’s continue growing and expanding our downtown market!

V.O.I.C.E. Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

V.O.I.C.E. Speghetti Dinner Fundraiser

V.O.I.C.E. Speghetti Dinner Fundraiser

Are you familiar with the non-profit group Vocalists Offering Inspirational Community Enrichment?  It just sounds like a fun group of people, right?   A group of supportive, helpful of individuals who carry the spirit of song to help lift spirits and dreams throughout the Valley.  Think Sister Act but with less Whoopi and more soul power.
Anyway, V.O.I.C.E. is hosting a spaghetti dinner on Saturday, March 15th from 1:00pm to 6:00pm at Vision of Hope (1723 Port Republic Road).  Tickets are $7 for Adults and $4 for Children.  So make sure to get out there and support your community this Saturday!

Get Crafty with You Made It!


Joan Clasbey, co-owner of You Made It!, talks to Matchbox Downtown about what makes her business so special (hint: it’s all about the magic of creation) while discussing upcoming events around town.  You Made It! provides amazing value to the community by not only enhancing the skills people already have, but also encouraging first time artists to unlock skills they never knew existed.

Here at Matchbox, we are thrilled to have You Made It! as a tenant and look forward to continuing to support their business for many years to come!  Make sure to check out their calendar for upcoming events and camps going forward.

Festival Season is upon us


Maple Festival Crafts

Maple Festival Crafts

You refer to spring and summer as Festival Season, right?  Ok good, glad we got that out of the way because this week is the first of many local festivals that we will highlighted here on Matchbox Downtown.

And it begins…

56th Annual Highland Maple Festival

March 8-9 & 15-16, 2014

Come for the donuts.  Stay for the pancakes.

Each year, Virginia’s “Little Switzerland” located in Highland County celebrates all things maple.  This includes everything from pancakes and donuts to maple glazed chicken and sugar tours.  The festival centers around Monterey, Virginia as its hub.  There you can find everything from the famous donuts to local crafts and even, wait for it, a place where you can take a picture with sheep.  Real live sheep!  If this doesn’t sound like the coolest day trip ever, you might want to head to the doctor because something is wrong with you.

For more information please visit Highland County’s website.

Matchbox In Motion: Harrisonburg Career Coaching

In real estate, we often talk about the “highest and best use” for buildings and spaces around this great town of Harrisonburg. If you have an old brick building with classic industrial elements, does it make sense to cover that space in dropped ceilings and drywall or would it be better to leave everything exposed and allow the true character of the space to shine through?

Kyle Laver of (250 East Market Street) is discovering the highest and best use for people throughout the Valley by uncovering how their unique skills relate to growth opportunities across our area. As Kyle explains, the best way to find what makes you happy is to understand who you are, brand yourself accordingly, and begin to market those skills to anyone who will listen!

Call to schedule your appointment with Kyle at 540.421.7457 or by email at and find out how to best utilize your knowledge!