Save the Date: Pickers Paradise Sale hosted by Shabby Love

Barn Sale 2014

Barn Sale 2014

 Have you visited Shabby Love (80 West Water Street) at the newly renovated Livery Building?   If so, you know Hanna Kappes and her team of repurposing wizards have some of the most unique and beautiful furniture in all of Virginia.   You may even ask yourself, my, how does Hanna find such incredible pieces to begin with?!?   Shabby Love is giving us a glimpse into their magical process this fall with Pickers Paradise at The Market at Grelan on Friday & Saturday, September 26th-27th from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Wow, this event is four months away, so why are we writing about it now?   The reason is that Shabby is openly soliciting vendors from all across Virginia so everyone and anyone can participate.   So if you’re out there, little person with a shed full of nostalgia and a pocket full of dreams, reach out to Hanna and the Shabby Love team here to get a spot at the most exciting pickers event in the whole entire world (as far as I know).

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