Date Night Thursday and Wilton Wednesday at Joshua Wilton House

Joshua Wilton House Specials

Joshua Wilton House Specials

The Joshua Wilton house has a rich and storied tradition here in Harrisonburg as a top of the line food and wine destination.   The space creates a sense of timeless elegance, the chefs and servers know any and everything there is to know about the menu and wine selection, and grounds create a warmth that is unparalleled.   Now, most people associate these qualities with outrageous pricing and “once a year” type of dining experiences.   To help combat that stereotype, Joshua Wilton (412 South Main Street) has Wilton Wednesdays and Date Night Thursdays.

Every Wednesday night, you can get a cocktail and an appetizer for $12!

And every Thursday night, you can share an appetizer, get two entrees, and share a dessert for just $55!

And keep in mind, we’re not talking about Chili’s here, this is THE JOSHUA WILTON HOUSE, the same Joshua Wilton house that has great reviews from Southern Living Magazine, The New York Times, and The Richmond Dispatch!  So run, don’t walk to Joshua Wilton as soon as you can.

First Fridays Downtown is This Weekend

1st Fridays Downtown Arts

1st Fridays Downtown Arts

It seems like just yesterday that we were talking about the excitment of First Fridays Downtown.  And wouldn’t you know it, it’s time to celebrate again.  This Friday, May 2nd will be our May version of First Fridays here downtown with a huge collection of artists and exhibits for everyone to enjoy.  And even better yet, the rain will have stopped, there will be clear skies and a crisp 60 degrees.  That’s the good stuff.

You can find the full list of exhibits here and I know that I am personally amped up to see what Miller/Miller has to offer at Larkin Arts (61 Court Square) as well as Bruce Rosenwasser’s work at the Blue Nile (181 North Main Street).

Shenandoah Spring Fest at Three Brothers Brewery

Shenandoah Spring Fest flyer

Shenandoah Spring Fest flyer

Sure, it may be Monday but it’s never too early to start thinking about next weekend.  After all of the raucous music and revelry of this past weekend’s Rocktown Beer Festival, Downtown Harrisonburg is following that up with Shenandoah Spring Fest at Three Brothers Brewery (800 North Main Street) on Saturday, May 3rd from 12pm to 9pm.

Shenandoah Spring Fest is an event put on by local artists and 3 Brothers to support the Mercy House, a faith based, public assistance foundation dedicated to the care of homeless families and underprivileged children across the Valley.   Patrons can enjoy music by The Trongone Band out of RVA as well as food provided by some of the area’s best food trucks including our favorite, Mashita.  Tickets are $3 prior to the event and $5 at the door.  Cash donations are also encouraged for those that would like to donate a little more to the Mercy House cause.

136 W Elizabeth St. Redevelopment Project

New Matchbox Project on the Horizon

Matchbox is excited to announce a new project for 2015, the renovation of 136 West Elizabeth Street. 136 West Elizabeth features 18,000+ square feet of one of a kind space near the heart of Downtown Harrisonburg. Located just behind the iconic Hess Furniture building, this project will involve an extensive renovation element as well as a complete aesthetic makeover while installing functioning electrical and plumbing to make the space useful within the modern context.

136 W Elizabeth St. Harrisonburg, Va

136 W Elizabeth St. Harrisonburg, Va

The property sits on a great piece of land just west of Liberty Street with full views of downtown and ample green space surrounding the building structure. Here at Matchbox, we think the space would be best used as a commercial space either holding one large company or several small companies along with a retail/restaurant element. The beauty of this project is that we are able to create unique spaces that fit the exact needs of our clients rather than trying to fit clients within pre-existing build-outs.

For more information on 136 West Elizabeth, please contact Michael Jaffee at 540.208.0723 or by email at

136 W Elizabeth St. Harrisonburg, Va

136 W Elizabeth St. Harrisonburg, Va

136 W Elizabeth St. Harrisonburg, Va

136 W Elizabeth St. Harrisonburg, Va

136 W Elizabeth St. Harrisonburg, Va

136 W Elizabeth St. Harrisonburg, Va


136 W Elizabeth St. Harrisonburg, Va

136 W Elizabeth St. Harrisonburg, Va

Matchbox in Motion: Episode 2

After months of hype and critical acclaim, Matchbox in Motion is back with Episode 2!

In this episode, Mike and Michael go through tenant and space updates for the new and improved Cassco Ice House along with explaining CAM fees that often appear on commercial leases. So huddle round the fire, and put on the greatest five minutes in media today.

Blue Nile Event Calendar for April

Blue Nile April Events

Blue Nile April Events

As you may recall, we already declared Blue Nile the Best Coffee and Breakfast in Dowtown, but it turns out they also have top notch music shows and arguably the best music venue in all of Harrisonburg.   Luckily, Blue Nile has posted their event calendar for April and we can all now plan our lives accordingly.   So what’s on tap?   Here are some highlights:

–          April 17th (TONIGHT!) –  The Deems (Jam Funk, $5 cover)

–          April 25thTitus Andronicus (Indie Rock, $10 cover)

–          April 26th – Rocktown Afterparty feat. Dead Professional (Rock, $4 cover)

Now get out and enjoy all that Downtown Harrisonburg has to offer!   If you don’t, you never know what great moments you may miss.

Downtown Harrisonburg Virginia Courthouse

Harrisonburg’s Growth Continues

According to Nerd Wallet, Harrisonburg currently ranks as the fastest growing city in Virginia beating out surrounding cities such as Charlottesville, Staunton and Blacksburg to snag the top overall ranking.   Harrisonburg’s staggering growth is linked to its 32.1% median income growth between 2009 and 2012 according to Nerd Wallet’s Maggie Clark.   I always knew something was going on in this town, so it’s a relief to see it backed up by empirical data.

Nerd Wallet’s rankings were based on three contributing factors: population growth, employment growth, and income growth with each category weighed equally.   For a full list of Nerd Wallet’s rankings, please visit their website and read the article here.

Urban Exchange East Market St. Harrisonburg

What’s Happening at Urban Exchange

You may have driven by Urban Exchange recently and said to yourself, “My, that Urban Exchange is certainly active these days.   What is going on over there?!?”  Well, that’s why you read this blog.  In the next few weeks, Three Notch’d Brewery out of Charlottesville will open a location here in Harrisonburg at the Urban Exchange.  Three Notch’d will brew and sell beer exclusive to their Harrisonburg location that will not be sold anywhere else.  How exciting!

Three Notched Brewing at Urban Exchange Downtown Harrisonburg

Three Notched Brewing at Urban Exchange Downtown Harrisonburg

Simultaneously, you may have noticed that Benny Sorrentino’s has opened on the other side of Urban Exchange.   Benny’s has done incredibly well since opening their doors just two months ago by providing a laid back and accessible atmosphere for families and students alike.  We hope you all have enjoyed it as much as we have.   Side note, did you ever wonder how they got that beautiful mural on their wall?   Check out the awesome video below to find out.

BMBPRF @ Benny Sorrentino’s from Paul Somers on Vimeo.

17th Annual Blacks Run CleanUp Day

In my Harrisonburg experience, there seems to be a real spirit of conservation and preservation across our fair city.  Individuals want to preserve the culture of town and simultaneously want to ensure that the natural resources we have will continue to be available for several generations to come.   One of the most visible parts of our downtown ecological footprint remains Black’s Run which snakes through several key parts of town including Matchbox’s office, Clementine’s café, and the new Ice House.

With that in mind, I want to encourage our loyal readership to participate in Blacks Run CleanUp Day this Saturday, April 12th!   According to here is the schedule:

: 9:00am – 10:00am

The Green Scene (exhibits for all!): 9:00am – Noon

Kick Off and Special Guest Speaker: 9:30am

Clean Up: 9:30am – 11:30am

Lunch: 11:30am – Noon

You can sign up here and remember to invite your friends!

Rocktown Beer Festival is a Comin’

Twice a year we have a little party in Downtown Harrisonburg called Rocktown Beer Festival.   If you’re unfamiliar, thousands of people come to the Farmer’s Market on Liberty Street and party the day/night away with music, food, and yes, beer.   And this year’s lineup is no slouch with beer from over 15 breweries and food from acclaimed restaurants such as Local Chop & Grill House and Clementine’s.

Now, in order to make sure you can attend, I highly recommend buying a ticket ahead of time.   You can preorder tickets here and also check out their list of breweries and food if you need further convincing.   But let’s be real, you’re going to be there, I am going to be there, and we are going to have an awesome time.  Can’t wait!

Noelle Burgess Art Show at Matchbox


Painting by Noelle Burgess

Painting by Noelle Burgess

You know what makes this downtown great?  It’s not the fantastic food or the wide selection of beer or even the cool music venues.  What makes this place great are the people.  Individuals from all walks of life can come to downtown and shed their cars and their status to be one of many; they can come here and form true community, even if it’s only for a few hours on a Friday night.

Here at Matchbox, we are proud to be a part of that community and even more proud to house the work of Noelle Burgess this evening at our office downtown (202 N. Liberty Street).  Noelle will display and sell her work as part of Harrisonburg’s First Friday and we are thrilled to give her the space to showcase her  immense talent.  Noelle’s work centers on tearing down stereotypes and preconception by challenging the viewer to see women not as sexualized, delicate creatures but rather confident, independent individuals who are capable of any and everything.

You can see more of her work at her website, but do yourself a favor and come check out a sample of Noelle’s inspiring collection tonight beginning at 5:30pm here at Matchbox.

Pale Fire Brewing signs at the Ice House

Brewery Signing at the Ice House

Brewery Signing at the Ice House

Tim Brady signed his lease for over 10,000 square feet of brewing and bar space in the newly renovated Ice House!  The signing was a culmination of hard work from Tim and his team of designers as well as Matchbox and its developing partners to put together a deal with everyone’s best interests in mind.  Now, the real work on the space can begin with construction already underway on the core and residential components of the building.

Tim’s space will be a truly unique experience.  There will be a large tasting room with a bar, oversized patio, and operable garage doors to create an indoor/outdoor vibe.  On top of that, there will also be sufficient amperage for live music and performances.   And that’s just the front of the house entertainment.   The real business will be in the back of the house with a full scale brewery, bottling room, and a cold storage room built using the materials from Cassco’s previous use an Ice House.

Tim Brady expects to launch his brand in full over the next coming weeks and months so be sure to stay tuned to Matchbox Downtown for more information.   Here at Matchbox we are thrilled to have Tim as a tenant and honored to be able to provide a space for his business to thrive!

Downtown Harrisonburg

Harrisonburg Metro population on the rise!

To the surprise of no one, Harrisonburg’s metro population is growing! We are now at over 129,000 strong according to the Daily News-Record and growing more and more each year. With all of the exciting new venues and businesses that Downtown Harrisonburg has to offer, who would not want to live here? In that vein, did you know that the Ice House’s 34 residential apartments will soon be up for rent? That’s an opportunity for 34 more households to enjoy all of the things we downtown folk hold so dear. If you are interested in snagging a cool crib, contact Mary Messerley at 540-434-5150 x131 or

So come one, come all, and let’s continue growing and expanding our downtown market!