Date Night Thursday and Wilton Wednesday at Joshua Wilton House

Joshua Wilton House Specials

Joshua Wilton House Specials

The Joshua Wilton house has a rich and storied tradition here in Harrisonburg as a top of the line food and wine destination.   The space creates a sense of timeless elegance, the chefs and servers know any and everything there is to know about the menu and wine selection, and grounds create a warmth that is unparalleled.   Now, most people associate these qualities with outrageous pricing and “once a year” type of dining experiences.   To help combat that stereotype, Joshua Wilton (412 South Main Street) has Wilton Wednesdays and Date Night Thursdays.

Every Wednesday night, you can get a cocktail and an appetizer for $12!

And every Thursday night, you can share an appetizer, get two entrees, and share a dessert for just $55!

And keep in mind, we’re not talking about Chili’s here, this is THE JOSHUA WILTON HOUSE, the same Joshua Wilton house that has great reviews from Southern Living Magazine, The New York Times, and The Richmond Dispatch!  So run, don’t walk to Joshua Wilton as soon as you can.

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