The Best Kept Secret in Downtown Harrisonburg

Downtown Harrisonburg is known for its vibrant scene of top notch of restaurants and bars.  People come from all around to dine and stay out until all hours just to eat and drink and breathe in the electricity in the air.   But did you know the best restaurant of them all is only open 5 days a week and closes by 9pm?  I am of course talking about the great, the tremendous El Sol.

El Sol (91 East Elizabeth Street) is a family business run by a group of lifelong Harrisonburg natives who carried the traditions and techniques of Latin America here to Virginia for all to enjoy and its indisputable greatness lies in its commitment and reliance on basic ingredients and delivering an affordable price to its customers.

So do yourself a favor Harrisonburg and get out to enjoy all that Downtown Harrisonburg has to offer.

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