The Best Coffee in Downtown

Blue Nile breakfast Menu

Blue Nile breakfast Menu

As a downtowner, it can be a bit of a struggle to find a good cup of coffee in the morning.   First of all, there just aren’t that many places open before lunch.  While we have a lot of great restaurants and bars in the area, downtown does not do mornings.  But that is changing with Blue Nile’s brand new breakfast menu and absolutely incredible coffee.

Blue Nile (181 North Main Street) has included their menu above, and let me tell you the sweet potato waffles and breakfast burrito are ridiculously tasty, but the real star of the show is Blue Nile’s fantastic coffee.  The coffee is styled with a lot of the spices that the Nile is known for, creatively capturing tastes and smells of an area of the world not known to many Valley residents.

So if you take one piece of advice from this humble correspondent, take this, get to Blue Nile immediately and enjoy the best coffee and breakfast in town.

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