80’s Music Downtown on Fat Tuesday

I want you to really digest that title.

80’s Music Downtown On Fat Tuesday



Who doesn’t love 80’s music?  Someone, somewhere, but I guarantee that person is lonely and loveless. How about Downtown Harrisonburg?  Um, you’re on this blog so obviously you are into this sort of thing. And Fat Tuesday?!?  Are you kidding me?  Fat Tuesday is the holy grail of fun weekdays, you don’t have to live in New Orleans to know that!

So now that we all know what’s at stake, let’s talk specifics.  Love Cannon will be performing at Bella Luna (80 West Water Street) on Tuesday, March 4th beginning at 7:00pm.  In order to see this fantastic show of retro awesome there are two steps: 1) make a reservation at Bella Luna (540.433.1366) and 2) buy tickets to the show ($12 per person in advance).


As a wise man named Notorious B.I.G. once said, “If you don’t know, now you know!”

Downtown Urbanization makes the Local Television

WHSV (50 North Main Street), our local and DOWNTOWN news provider, highlighted some of Matchbox’s work in and around downtown with their latest news segment.  Check it out to see what’s new and where they see downtown going forward!

90 Broad St. Harrisonburg Virginia

Downtown Housing

With all of the great attractions going into Downtown Harrisonburg, housing demands for the area are skyrocketing.  The Livery Building, which has 12 residential apartments, was 100% leased within 30 days of opening.  Urban Exchange and City Exchange currently boast occupancy rates of over 90%.   People want to be close to the “action” as they say, and Downtown Harrisonburg is currently the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the Valley (yes, I did google how to spell his name).

With that being said, there is a new property in an awesome location that could work well for a running man, a group of expendables,  or even twins to come together and enjoy the sounds, smells, and tastes of downtown living.   90 Broad Street features 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a covered porch and a decent sized yard (a yard in the city!  Who would have thought?!?).  And the property is located just three blocks from Court Square! So strap on your boots and get ready to become the Last Action Hero of Harrisonburg.

If you are interested in viewing the property or would like additional information, please contact Cheyenne Bisbee at cheyenne@matchboxrealty.com or by phone at 540.434.5150 x114.

Bruce St. - foodBARfood

FoodBARfood’s sample menu has arrived

It’s tough to write about food when you haven’t eaten yet, but as my innards growl I wanted to make our loyal readership aware of foodBARfood’s exciting sample menu that is currently on display at 128 West Bruce Street.  How do you feel about seared sea scallops, avocado mouse and teriyaki?  Or braised and crispy duck leg, cranberry balsamic and Yukon gold mash?  Or maybe even a bowl of Lo Mein, shrimp, carrot, scallion, ginger and sesame vinaigrette?!?

The menu is broken out into three primary categories (plates, bowls, burgers) featuring dishes that are considered “comfort food” from all around the world.  Also, just as a special treat they have also included their brunch menu which already looks amazing (Asian spiced fried chicken, honey and preserved lemon, buttermilk pancakes, and maple syrup?!?   ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!).  You better get ready for a whole lot of awesome this spring when they open!

For more information on foodBARfood, stay tuned to Matchbox Downtown or their facebook page.

foodBARfood Brunch Menu

foodBARfood Brunch Menu

foodBARfood Dinner Menu

foodBARfood Dinner Menu

Matchbox In Motion: Harrisonburg Career Coaching

In real estate, we often talk about the “highest and best use” for buildings and spaces around this great town of Harrisonburg. If you have an old brick building with classic industrial elements, does it make sense to cover that space in dropped ceilings and drywall or would it be better to leave everything exposed and allow the true character of the space to shine through?

Kyle Laver of HarrisonburgCareerCoaching.com (250 East Market Street) is discovering the highest and best use for people throughout the Valley by uncovering how their unique skills relate to growth opportunities across our area. As Kyle explains, the best way to find what makes you happy is to understand who you are, brand yourself accordingly, and begin to market those skills to anyone who will listen!

Call to schedule your appointment with Kyle at 540.421.7457 or by email at kyle@harrisonburgcareercoaching.com and find out how to best utilize your knowledge!

Avery Brewing tap takeover and steal the pint at Capital Ale

Avery Brewing

Avery Brewing

On Friday, February 21st Avery Brewing will do a tap takeover and steal the pint night at Capital Ale House (41 Court Square).  Avery has gained world-wide acclaim with their unique brewing techniques and are widely considered innovators within the “new” American craft beer scene.  These guys are traveling all the way from Boulder, Colorado to share their product with the renowned experts of Downtown Harrisonburg, so let’s be sure to give them some love.   However, Avery will face some stiff critiques considering Downtown Harrisonburg also recently sold out of Bell’s Beer’s Hopslam in a record 2 hours!!!

If there’s one thing we know how to do, it’s taste beer and steal pint glasses.  Luckily, this Friday you will be allowed to do both for the price of a pint while your conscience should remain relatively guilt free as you walk away with a free glass for your growing collection.

Clementine’s hosts Kristy Lee & Dirt Road Revival

In anticipation of Saturday night’s huge Chris Thomas King performance, Clementine’s (153 South Main Street) is hosting another top level recording artist tonight when Kristy Lee & Dirt Road Revival comes to town. Kristy Lee offers a unique blend of traditional southern rock and soul searching blues to give listeners one truly unique sound and experience. So do yourself a favor and get out to Clementine’s early (show starts at 8:30, cover charge is $10) and don’t miss out on a performance everyone will be talking about.

Operation Snowplow: A Public Service Announcement to All Readers

Harrisonburg Snow Map

Harrisonburg Snow Map

In case you have been living under a rock for the past two days, apparently there is a snow storm coming.  And not just your average ho-hum, ‘winter is coming’ snow storm, no no, this is a big deal.  People are throwing out –pocalypse suffixes and using jazz words like crippling, paralyzing, and even the ‘b’ word, blizzard.

In that vein, we want our readership to be safe.  So safe in fact that we are using today’s blog post to highlight some of the city’s announcements regarding the storm.  According to the City’s Property Maintenance divison:

‘Public Works has applied a liquid pre-treatment on the primary routes, designated streets serving emergency facilities, and other areas that are designated as potential safety concerns. This pre-treatment will help the precipitation melt once it hits the road.  Public Works crews will begin working 12-hour shifts through the duration of storm cleanup efforts. During a winter storm, snow removal crews give first priority to the primary streets.’

You can find more information at the city’s site, but above all, please be careful out there.  You can’t read this fantastic daily blog if you’re stuck in the snow somewhere like Jack Nicholson at the end of the Shining (spoiler!).

Make sure to stay tuned to Matchbox Downtown for all things Harrisonburg and let us know any additional announcements or information you may have to share.

Benny Sorrentino's Downtown Harrisonburg

Benny Sorrentino’s Opening at Urban Exchange Tomorrow!

Who’s ready for some PIZZA?  Benny Sorrentino’s (64 South Mason Street) will be open for business at Urban Exchange on Wednesday!  Finishing touches are going in place as you read this. So come one, come all, and get ready to eat the “Virginia Slice.”  As a public service announcement, we feel it is important to remind all readers that the slices are larger than the average human head, so please proceed with caution.


Benny Sorrentino's Finishing Touches

Benny Sorrentino’s Finishing Touches


Benny Sorrentino's Finishing Touches

Benny Sorrentino’s Finishing Touches

Benny Sorrentino's Finishing Touches

Benny Sorrentino’s Finishing Touches


Don’t look now, but Valentine’s Day is on Friday

Generally speaking, there are two camps when it comes to Valentine’s Day: 1) you think it’s a made up holiday meant to spur consumer spending during the slow, post-holiday season, or 2) you are thrilled to take one day to celebrate love, life, and happiness with your significant other.

Regardless of where you fall, this Friday there is one event in Harrisonburg that epitomizes all things Valentine.  JMU’s Edith J. Carrier Arboretum (780 University Boulevard) will have carriage rides from 5:00pm to 8:00pm through their magnificent grounds.  Reservations can be made by phone (540.568.3194) or in person, though I would likely call ahead to confirm availability.

Just picture it: you, your special someone, a stranger (your driver), and a horse drawn carriage filled with the smells of life and time gone by.  Come on!   What’s not to love?

Start me up…


Start Up Weekend

Start Up Weekend


I can picture it now.  You’re sitting at your chair or on your couch, reading this highly entertaining and spiritually motivating blog while thinking to yourself, “You know what?!?  I want to start my OWN company.  I WANT TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR!!!”   Then, after about half an hour of googling ‘how to start an LLC’, you give up and the dream dies.

Let me tell you friends, it does not have to end this way.  The non-profit organization, Startup Weekend, is here to make your dream become a reality in 54 crazy, fun-filled, inspiring hours.
This Friday, February 7th Startup Weekend is coming to JMU’s Zane Showker Hall to launch their Shenandoah Valley program.  You can find more information on the event through their event page.  But whatever you do, if you have that dream and you have that vision, don’t let it die without a fight.  Get out, put yourself and your dreams out there and see what happens!

Nothin' Fancy Press Image

Nothin’ Fancy at Court Square Theater

When we say Nothin’ Fancy, that’s not a dig at our much beloved Court Theater.  In fact, it is just the opposite.  Nothin’ Fancy, one of Virginia’s most recognized bluegrass bands, will perform at historic Court Square Theater (41 Court Square) on Thursday, February 6, 2014 beginning at 8:00pm.   And just in case you doubt the greatness of this band, they have been awarded the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America’s Entertaining Group of the Year award not once, not twice, but….wait for it….FIVE TIMES!

So mark your calendars, lace up your boots, and get ready to toe tap your night away!

Benny Sorrentino's Downtown Harrisonburg

Pizza. By. The Slice.

Have you driven by the Urban Exchange on South Mason Street lately and wondered to yourself, “My, I wonder what is being built in that fantastic space….?” Well, loyal readers, you heard it here first, Urban Exchange will now house the new Benny Sorrentino’s (64 South Mason Street), home of the Virginia slice.

Benny’s is the brainchild of two Virginia Tech students who felt that our lovely state of VA needed an authentic slice to call its own. So these humble gentleman created the first Benny’s, Benny Marzano’s in Downtown Blacksburg, and have received so much business and acclaim that Harrisonburg will be their fifth location in the state.

Benny Sorrentino’s should be open in the next week or two so be sure to go by and show them some love. You will not be disappointed.

First Friday this week in Downtown Harrisonburg

First Fridays Downtown Harrisonburg

First Fridays Downtown Harrisonburg

It seems like just yesterday that we had our first, First Friday of the new year but low and behold here we are again. This month’s lineup of shows and venues included 9 local businesses participating to host art and artists from across the region. So mark your calendars for Friday, February 7th from 5pm to 8pm and get out to enjoy all this town has to offer! If you are an artist interested in participating in future First Friday events, Matchbox would LOVE to show off your art! Please email Marcy@MatchboxRealty.com with information about your work.