Matchbox In Motion: Harrisonburg Career Coaching

In real estate, we often talk about the “highest and best use” for buildings and spaces around this great town of Harrisonburg. If you have an old brick building with classic industrial elements, does it make sense to cover that space in dropped ceilings and drywall or would it be better to leave everything exposed and allow the true character of the space to shine through?

Kyle Laver of (250 East Market Street) is discovering the highest and best use for people throughout the Valley by uncovering how their unique skills relate to growth opportunities across our area. As Kyle explains, the best way to find what makes you happy is to understand who you are, brand yourself accordingly, and begin to market those skills to anyone who will listen!

Call to schedule your appointment with Kyle at 540.421.7457 or by email at and find out how to best utilize your knowledge!

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