Operation Snowplow: A Public Service Announcement to All Readers

Harrisonburg Snow Map

Harrisonburg Snow Map

In case you have been living under a rock for the past two days, apparently there is a snow storm coming.  And not just your average ho-hum, ‘winter is coming’ snow storm, no no, this is a big deal.  People are throwing out –pocalypse suffixes and using jazz words like crippling, paralyzing, and even the ‘b’ word, blizzard.

In that vein, we want our readership to be safe.  So safe in fact that we are using today’s blog post to highlight some of the city’s announcements regarding the storm.  According to the City’s Property Maintenance divison:

‘Public Works has applied a liquid pre-treatment on the primary routes, designated streets serving emergency facilities, and other areas that are designated as potential safety concerns. This pre-treatment will help the precipitation melt once it hits the road.  Public Works crews will begin working 12-hour shifts through the duration of storm cleanup efforts. During a winter storm, snow removal crews give first priority to the primary streets.’

You can find more information at the city’s site, but above all, please be careful out there.  You can’t read this fantastic daily blog if you’re stuck in the snow somewhere like Jack Nicholson at the end of the Shining (spoiler!).

Make sure to stay tuned to Matchbox Downtown for all things Harrisonburg and let us know any additional announcements or information you may have to share.

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